Monday, September 16, 2013

In the Midst of Living

Very early in life I recognized that I was an introvert and public speaking was not my forte. Writing quickly became a relief, an outlet that did not include speaking. Writing, for me, has since evolved into the bridge between being an introvert and being a confident speaker.

It was Anais Nin who noted, 'My ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of living.' As Anais Nin, I learned to write and express my feelings in every moment of my life by making notes as I go. The more I wrote, the better I wrote. The more topics I wrote about, the more confident I became, and slowly but steadily my writing skills have developed over the years.

Later on, when music became my passion, writing about music became not only my hobby but also a source of income. I feel strongly that it is the duty of every reader to also be a writer, to share as much as you've been shared with. 

Great men and women have long written for enlightenment, for equality, for justice and peace. Some of these bold writers have inspired my own writing, like Maya Angelou, Robert G. Ingersoll, Toni Morrison, Charles Darwin, James Baldwin, Kahlil Gibran and Mohandas K. Gandhi.

So when one inquires, 'Why write?' I'll gleefully transcribe, because writing empowers, liberates, and if I'm really lucky my writing may just inspire others too.

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